The world’s most respected air navigation service providers, military organizations, airports, and academic institutions rely on us for cutting-edge simulation systems that support their mission-critical training.

From training student controllers on using proper phraseology, to refresher training for experienced controllers working in multi-sector airspace, from airport familiarization for air side drivers to complete air traffic environments for student pilots training in cockpit simulators,  UFA can deliver the software and services to optimize your training organization.

Areas of Focus

  • Gate-to-Gate Simulation, including Terminal, En Route, Precision Approach, Tower, and Apron
  • Phraseology, Skills, Part Task, Ab Initio, Proficiency, and Emergency Training
  • Voice Recognition and Response
  • Voice Communication Simulation
  • Air Side Driving Simulation
  • Interactive Airport Environment for Flight Simulators
  • Standalone, Embedded, and Mobile Simulation
  • Airport and Airspace Design, Validation, and Familiarization

Supporting Customer Needs

  • Civil Aviation
  • Military
  • Academic
  • Airports

Award Winning Solutions

Our complete training systems include easy-to-use scenario creation, record/playback,
and assessment tools, enabling trainers to run scenarios fitting specific pedagogical needs. We also customize the look and feel of our products to match your organization’s operational systems.

  • All products are voice recognition-enabled, allowing for 24/7 training
  • Unparalleled fidelity of aircraft performance, visual models, weather, and airport and airspace environments
  • Full-featured Voice Communication System
  • Open interfaces for ease of integration with 3rd party systems

Delivery Platforms

UFA products are designed for flexibility as well as depth, making it easy to consider options for portability or proficiency.

Mobile Training: Fundamentals (Ease of accessibility)

Blended Delivery: Advanced Skill Development

Installed Systems: Master Proficiency (Full fidelity and complexity)