UFA, Inc.’s Air Traffic simulation products are optimized for both ATC Training and research and for several years have played a key role in SESAR research studies conducted by such members as DFS Flugsicherung, DGAC/DSNA, and Eurocontrol.

The fundamental requirements of a simulation platform to support such research are that 1) the platform uses open standards and supports standard interfaces, 2) that it is built using modern programming languages and methods, and 3) it is actively and regularly supported, enhanced and maintained. This allows 3rd party simulators such as those provided by UFA to interconnect with SESAR technologies.

UFA’s ATTower and ATCoach end-to-end simulation platform supports standard interfaces such as ASTERIX for air and ground surveillance data, supports the HLA-Evolved ED-147 standard for simulator interconnection, and provides API and messaging access to additional data that can be used to drive SESAR technology.

In addition to its role in SESAR research, UFA simulators are also used in FAA NextGen engineering and research projects.