• Training

    UFA provides turnkey systems that support the complete air traffic control training cycle, from student controllers learning the basics to experienced controllers working in dense, high-fidelity environments.

    • Ab Initio, Joint, and Refresher training
    • Gate-to-Gate Tower and Radar proficiency
    • Military ATC
    • High Fidelity Operational System-Specific training
    • Emergency training
    • Natural disasters
    • Voice Recognition Enabled Skills & Phraseology training
  • Cloud

    “Anywhere, Anytime” training is possible with UFA’s delivery system for virtual education. Our custom applications and server configurations make it easy for organizations to use mobile apps, web applications, and public or private servers to manage users, classes, and customized training.

  • Testing

    UFA’s products are widely used in the industry to verify operational ATC systems. Technicians use our systems to generate data to test operational systems with unparalleled service and support.

  • Research

    UFA’s products are optimized for both ATC Training and research and for several years have played a key role in research studies at ANSPs and academic institutions around the world. Researchers can engage in such research activities as analyzing and optimizing airspace, designing new procedures, and performing “if-then” scenarios when designing runway layouts.