UFA’s ATTower is the simulator of choice for Air Navigation Service Providers, Military Organizations and Universities worldwide. Meeting the objectives of basic, intermediate, and advanced ATC training programs, this high-fidelity Tower and Radar simulator is designed for both civilian and military training.

Beginner trainees can prepare for their job as controllers, while experienced controllers can maintain proficiency and certify their skills using scenarios with varying degrees of complexity.

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  • Realistic Aircraft flight dynamics based on physical data and weather
  • Control aircraft using Pseudo Pilots, Voice Recognition, or both
  • Efficient Point-and-click Pseudo Pilot Display, Customizable per Exercise or User
  • Exercise Control allowing Exercise Selection, Start, Freeze, Recording, Replay, and Resume
  • Supports a wide variety of Controller tool HMIs including Approach and Ground Radar, Weather, Lightning and Information panels
  • Database creation and editing tools that empower users
  • Interface with Operational systems including Electronic Flight Strips, Voice, Communication Systems and Controller Displays
  • Integration with 3rd Party Flight Simulators


  • Cost effective training including realistic scenarios and hard to replicate high risk situations:
    • Dynamic Day and Night Transition
    • Realistic Weather Modeling
    • Realistic Controller Binocular and Light Gun Functionality
  • Supports the complete training cycle from ab initio to OJT
  • Runs on COTS Hardware
  • Single workstation to 360 degree simulation supported




UFA’s ATView Image Generator offers high-fidelity out-the-window visualization of the live working environment of air traffic controllers. Realistic 3D models of aircraft and ground vehicles, all airport structures, ground markings and signage, airport lighting, landscape, horizon, and terrain offer an immersive and realistic training environment.