ATRadio® is a software application that utilizes Voice Over IP technology to simulate a Voice Communication System (VCS) in Air Traffic simulation environments. It is designed to model pilot and controller radio communication and ground based intra-facility and inter-­facility communication. Utilizing UFA’s Headset Interface Unit (HIU), Headsets and PTT, PC workstations, and LCD touch screen displays. ATRadio provides an authentic replication of the ATC communications environment while offering a wide range of functions that enhance the quality of ATC simulations and training.


Radio Communication

  • Unlimited radio channels
  • Fixed, emergency, and programmable channels
  • Per channel transmit/receive mode selection
  • Per channel transmit and receive activity indicators
  • Push-­to-­talk (PTT) activated transmission on single or multiple channels
  • Retransmission
  • Receiver switch-­off while transmitting at controller position


Ground Communication


  •  Manual and Speed dial calling Ø Conference calls
  •  Call queuing
  •  Call holding
  •  Automatic answer/hangup option
  •  Crash phone simulation



  •  Press and talk based direct speech