UFA’s ATCoach Standalone Radar System provides a cost effective, turnkey ATC radar simulation solution. Available on both Linux and Windows, configurations may range from a desktop training system to a tablet-based system run from the cloud to a full fidelity console-based simulation environment. The product replicates several FAA ATC automation systems as well as automation systems used internationally. Each ATCoach system includes easy to use exercise development tools; ATPilot, a powerful graphical pseudo pilot capability; and ATSetup, a Supervisor application to select, configure and control simulation exercises. ATCoach can also be fully voice-recognition enabled using UFA’s industry-leading ATVoice software.


  • Single and Multisector Simulation
  • Flight Strip Customization and Printing
  • Electronic Flight strips
  • Information and weather displays
  • Comprehensive surveillance data
  • Integrated Voice Communications
  • Large System Configurations
  • Voice recognition and response
  • Advanced Pseudo Piloting features
  • Extensive Instructor Controls


ATPrepare, integrated within ATCoach, provides a toolset that supports the development, modification, and preview of simulation exercises. Through its graphical interface, ATPrepare intuitively guides and aids the user through airspace and exercise creation and modification. ATPrepare supports CPDLC, flight track modification through point-and-click inputs, and full exercise preview and simulation utilizing UFA’s Pseudo Pilot Displays.